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We ride. We ride a lot. We have a first-hand idea of what riders like,want and need. If we find a deal that we can't pass up, we'll pass the savings on. If we find products that make us say "sweet", we'll bring those to you too. It's that simple. You can search for a lower price, but chances are we already did, and offer a better deal. I'm obsessive about finding a great deal so you don't have to be - spend your time riding instead.
I've checked out sites that have THREE THOUSAND pages of items. Come on, seriously?  Unlike many online bike stores who simply put a face on a huge parts ordering system (so they can order what you order, and then ship it out to you when they get it), unless otherwise noted, the products we list are in stock and ready to ship.  Only the best products, only the best deals, only while they last - that's our motto. How do we decide what to sell?  We find it, we try it, we like it, we stock it.
Where's Wauwatosa? Suburban Milwaukee WI. Being centrally located between the coasts allows us to provide equally fast shipping to the entire US.  International shipping is also available. We ship fast!  Even more importantly, we give you reasonable shipping choices like First Class Mail, so the $2 part you need doesn't cost you $7 in shipping.

6650 W. State St., Unit D
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Phone: 1-877-SWT-RYDE ( 1-877-798-7933 )
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If there is something you are looking for, or suggest we carry, please e-mail Google Maps